The demand of Kosher food in Vietnam is constantly growing. In some special-imported stores, Kosher food can be found with a Kosher symbol.  
Here is a list of Kosher products, that can be found locally, without a kosher symbol.


Kosher Saigon imports many products and has a Kosher Mart in the Chabad Center of HCMC.
We have Kosher wine, chicken, meat, snacks and many more.
We offer catering to groups and individuals, and can deliver all over Vietnam.


To make an order online from the Kosher Mart in HCMC, please visit
Please contact Rabbi Avremi for details +84-90-133-1770


Kosher fish can be found in many of the local markets. The 2 signs of a Kosher fish are fins and scales, which can only be identified on a whole fish. Click here to read more about kosher fish.

Popular fish in Vietnam:
Barramundi Fish = Cá Chẽm
Red Tilapia Fish = Cá Diêu Hồng
Salmon = Cá hồi
Tuna = Cá ngừ
Red Drum Fish = Cá Đù đỏ

There are Kosher restaurants located at the Chabad Centers. We have an extensive Kosher Menu, including meat, chicken and vegetarian options. We work hard to keep the prices low, so Kosher food can be available for all those who need.

There is coffee and tea out at all times.

For details on each location, please refer directly.

All food is under the Kosher supervision of Kosher Vietnam (KV) Chief Rabbi of Vietnam, Rabbi Menachem Hartman.


For Kosher food in Hanoi and more north, please contact Chabad Hanoi.
For Kosher food in Hoi An, please contact Chabad Hoi An.
For all other cities in Vietnam, contact Kosher Saigon in HCMC.


For all other Kosher needs, feel free to contact us with any questions and we will be glad to help.